Blogs from May 2015

Australia First!

Kash Mansori | May 18, 2015

Country by country reporting is officially here -- at least in Australia. It becomes the first country to officially announce its intention to require that multinationals reveal exactly where they are reporting their income and paying (or not paying) taxes. The Australian Financial Review comments...

Value Creation and the Lightbulb

Kash Mansori | May 06, 2015

Last week the famous (infamous?) BEPS project released a discussion draft on the topic of how activities that create intangibles should be remunerated. According to existing guidelines and practice, when multiple entities work together to create an intangible, each entity is rewarded according to its share of the costs incurred during that process. However, the BEPS group working on this issue is now suggesting that each entity should instead be rewarded based on the “value” it has contributed rather than its share of costs. In an article in the publication Tax Analysts (subscription required) WTP Advisors’ own Guy Sanschagrin had a few critical comments about this suggestion...