International Tax

International Tax

Navigating the shifting global tax landscape requires the right guidance.

It’s a global economy. You operate a global business. The ever-changing complexities of international transactions, investments and taxation can be daunting at best. Brian Schwam, a former Big Four consultant with more than 25 years of experience in international taxation, heads up WTP’s team of International Tax Services specialists. If it involves a cross-border transaction, we’ve been there and we can help.

Because WTP can provide strategic tax consulting, tax quantitative consulting and transfer pricing in an integrated fashion through highly experienced professionals, we have a competitive advantage against Big Four firms. Law firms and boutique firms cannot deliver the quantitative edge we have, and the staff leverage model of the Big Four doesn't put experienced specialists in front of the client on a regular basis.

Once again, experience counts. Our people are experts in their field – international tax is no game for junior employees. Our industry leaders bring a maturity of judgment to the table so that complex overseas transactions and investments become more transparent and manageable.

WTP helps businessess craft and implement competitive international tax strategies

International tax management is growing increasingly complicated for companies operating globally. At WTP Advisors, our tax professionals bring both in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of international rules to help businesses streamline and manage tax processes more effectively, and craft competitive tax strategies. We ensure that your business adheres to all the local financial regulations and tax laws of each country.

International Tax Strategic Planning
Globalized intercompany transactions, transfer pricing, supply chain issues and global company structuring and funding present tax executives with ever-changing challenges. Chief Financial Officers expect their tax function to align tax planning and reporting with the company’s operating profile in order to maximize shareholder value. WTP brings strategic tax and transfer pricing planning experts to the table to address these needs.

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