International Tax Strategic Planning

International Tax Strategic Planning

Tax Reviews That Maximize Shareholder Value

Our international tax consultants work with your tax, finance and operating teams  from the inception of the planning process, through the implementation of strategies across tax, financial and management reporting platforms, to the documentation and defense of strategies with tax authorities. We bring to the table a team of specialists with expertise in strategic tax planning, transfer pricing, tax accounting, tax compliance and controversy management to address all of the tax risks inherent in any tax transformation.

WTP works with tax executives to develop and implement strategies that:

  • Align tax planning and transfer pricing strategies with the company’s current and future operating profiles.
  • Focus on Effective Tax Rate and after-tax free cash flow consequences in every operating location.
  • Manage the transfer pricing consequences of cross-border transactions.
  • Integrate the company’s cash flow requirements, including intercompany and external financing and capital strategies.
  • Establish control over the deployment of valuable intangible property across the enterprise.
  • Anticipate new and evolving legislative developments.

How we can help

Our experience has demonstrated that changes in the operating profile of a multinational concern necessitate the application of tax and transfer pricing strategies to maximize shareholder value. Examples of operational changes that invoke the need for a thorough tax review include changes in:

  • The locations of operating, holding, or headquarters companies.
  • The global cash flow deployment.
  • The functions performed, assets deployed, and risks assumed in various jurisdictions.
  • The development or deployment of high-value intangible property.
  • The Shared Services Center implementation.
  • The company’s supply chain configuration.
  • The location of key operating units, moving from one country to another.


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