Like-Kind Exchange - The Details

Like-Kind Exchange - The Details

Lke-Kind Exchange - The Details

Looking to sell business or investment property?

Whether you are selling an apartment building, heavy equipment, a fleet of vehicles, or your company jet, WTP Exchange can help you to defer taxes and increase cash flow.    

The sale of business or investment property often results in substantial tax gains.  A Lke-Kind Exchange, also known as a 1031 exchange, is a popular tax strategy that can reduce the taxes due at the time of sale to $0. 

  • If you occasionally sell business or investment property, WTP Exchnage can provide the expert advice you need and facilitate your exchange.
  • If you regularly sell business-use property, a repetitive lke-kind exchange program ("LKE Program") may be the right solution for you.
  • If you have already implemented an LKE Program, WTP Exchange can help you to protect and maintain the integrity of your tax deferral.

An LKE Program is an ongoing program involving multiple exchanges of business-use assets. WTP Exchange’s LKE Programs provide the highest level of funds security, while being non-disruptive to your operations and customers. Our program enables businesses to structure hundreds, if not thousands, of Lke-Kind Exchanges in an efficient manner.

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Protecting and maintaining the integrity of your LKE Program is just as important as the initial implementation.
At WTP Exchange, we understand that every LKE Program is different.  As a result, the support services that you need to protect and maintain your program are driven by your specific situation and needs.

We provide expert and secure facilitation of all types of 1031 Exchanges.
A Like Kind Exchange is one of the oldest and most commonly employed tax-deferral strategies under the U.S. tax law.  The vast majority of all 1031 exchanges involve the use of a Qualified Intermediary (OI).

There are several benefits to using WTP Exchange to act as the QI and facilitate your exchange.


  • 1031 Exchange expertise
  • Security of funds
  • Ability to convert a sale followed by a purchase into an exchange

A safe harbor solution allows you to avoid actual or constructive receipt.

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