Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing

Proactive planning versus reactive compliance.

WTP offers a multidisciplinary approach to transfer pricing that exploits our strengths in data management and quantitative analytics – this integrated approach encourages strategic planning instead of merely achieving compliance.

We bring a depth of experience to the table that instills great confidence. You’ll never deal with entry-level staff, only senior professionals with broad industry and Big Four transfer pricing expertise – able to integrate transfer pricing into financial, management and statutory reporting, quickly and efficiently.

We also never forget that delivering the goods is a team effort – our people work closely with your tax, finance and operations personnel to implement only the solutions that dovetail smoothly with your goals and objectives.

Transfer pricing remains the single most important tax issue confronting multinational enterprises.

The arm’s length principle, as set out in Article 9 of the OECD Model Tax Convention and in the U.S. tax code is the standard to which most countries adhere in judging the correctness of the pricing of transactions between commonly controlled parties. Despite the international consensus on this principle, however, taxpayers would be well advised to understand that differences in transfer pricing approaches, in economic theory and in actual results can vary significantly even among countries adhering to this principle. Consequently, taxable income reported from cross-border transactions may result in disagreements between tax authorities as well as disputes between tax authorities and taxpayers.

WTP is a global leader in helping multinational enterprises develop transfer pricing strategies and documentation that will identify potential conflicts, exploit opportunities and minimize tax risks associated with cross-border transactions. 
As summarized in the attached case studies, WTP has an experienced multi-disciplinary team of transfer pricing professionals who assist our clients in identifying tax efficient structures and transactions and in 
developing and implementing sustainable tax strategies supported by global documentation. WTP also offers tax audit and litigation support capabilities to assist multinational enterprises in balancing and responding to the increased scrutiny of tax administrations around the world. The potential disagreements between and among tax authorities represent a major tax risk confronting multinational enterprises today, and necessitate a global approach to transfer pricing planning and compliance rather than the traditional country-by-country approach.


Read our Transfer Pricing case studies to learn how WTP Advisors has helped our clients and to gain insight into how our global capabilities can help your business.


Our Transfer Pricing services include:

  • Tax Planning and Design
  • Risk and Opportunity Analysis
  • US, OECD, Local Documentation
  • Global Audit Support
  • Global Litigation Support
  • Post-merger Integration
  • Advance Pricing Agreements
  • Competent Authority Relief


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Global Contact Guy Sanschagrin

Guy Sanschagrin

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