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Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity is a full-service technology platform that simplifies fixed-asset tax management and provides consultative support from highly experienced tax professionals. 

Asset Integrity tracks fixed assets, computes tax depreciation and gains/losses upon disposition.  A robust fixed asset platform paired with a experienced client service team, provides confidence in your data. The result is quicker, better-informed decision making on the issues affecting your bottom line. 

The benefits of the solution include:

  • Comprehensive tax reporting including depreciation, gain/loss, IRS summary reports (e.g. 4562, 4797 summaries), projection/estimate reports, and custom reports
  • Tracking of an unlimited number of tax books (Federal, State, AMT, ACE, ADS, etc.)
  • Reconciliations performed every year, including roll forward and book-to-tax reconciliations
  • Asset Integrity team oversees data imports and identifies/resolves any data errors
  • Asset Integrity team assigns depreciation attributes (e.g. bonus eligibility, tax lives, methods, conventions) to new additions of fixed assets to optimize tax benefits
  • Pre-scheduled report generation to ensure reports are delivered to you when you need them
  • Cloud-hosted and available 24/7

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