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ExPortal is an intuitive, end-to-end technology platform for optimizing the tax benefit of an IC-DISC commission expense, maximizing the value of Foreign Derived Tangible Income (FDII) and calculating foreign source income. 

ExPortal’s advanced algorithm has been used to maximize over 5000 Interest Charge-Domestic Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) calculations on a transaction-by-transaction (TxT) basis or transactional invoice/part number basis to derive maximum tax/cash savings. Simplified and easy to use, ExPortal prepares IRS-approved audit reports that support these calculations and prepare Form 1120.  

ExPortal consistently provides double to triple-digit tax benefits vs. traditional IC-DISC methods most often used by other service providers.  

Key Features Include:

·      Data Maintenance: Track IC-DISC entity attributes such as ownership and related supplier information. 

·       Process Management: Integrate with Microsoft Outlook to ensure you meet all your obligations on-time 

·       Tax Return Compliance: Generate compliance reports with confidence 

·      Administration: Set-up new entities, assign permissions, roll tax returns and entities from year to year, etc. in a matter of minutes

·      Cloud based

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