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We are a leading independent tax and business advisory services firm specializing in international tax consulting, transfer pricing, valuation and tax process innovation.

We operate throughout North America and cover over fifty countries through strategic alliances with firms across the globe.

Accomplished Professionals

Our team of highly-experienced professionals consists of former Big 4 tax specialists, economists, attorneys, CPAs and MBAs, each with decades of experience delivering tax, transfer pricing, valuation and tax innovation services.

Our senior professionals are directly engaged in the work we deliver to our clients - unlike many large firms that employ a “leverage model” relying on less experienced personnel to do most of the work.

Delivering Value to Our Clients

Our clients include private and public companies ranging from emerging businesses to Fortune 50 companies. They include U.S. and non-U.S. based multinationals operating in a wide array of industries, including industrial manufacturing and distribution, aerospace, food processing and distribution, agriculture, medical products manufacturing and distribution and financial services.

Our clients seek responsive, collaborative professionals who deliver services efficiently and cost effectively. We willingly share our knowledge and insights to help our clients understand the technical issues and enhance their ability to make informed, strategic decisions with confidence.

Export Incentives (IC-DISC)

Enacted by Congress in 1984, IC-DISC (Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation) provides permanent annual tax savings and other benefits for exporters of goods manufactured in the United States.    

IC-DISC benefits include:

  • Recurring permanent tax savings for shareholders
  • Typically high benefits relative to costs
  • Deferral mechanism when earnings are not distributed out of IC-DISC
  • The ability to tax efficiently, which helps manage cash flow
  • Potential retirement planning flexibility
  • Analysis of allocation and apportionment methodologies
  • Multi-dimensional profitability analysis, useful in business review
  • Transactional taxable income calculation, reconciling tax-return data to financial information
  • Transparent paper trail

With an engagement team that works on- or off-site, WTP’s efficient implementation of IC-DISC does not impact customers or operations. Our approach relies on data that is easily accessible, bringing accurate, timely results for inclusion in a tax return.

The implementation of IC-DISC requires the following steps:

  1. Exporting company shareholders create new entity, which elects IC-DISC treatment
  2. Exporting company and IC-DISC entity execute a commission agreement
  3. Exporting company pays IC-DISC a commission on export sales
  4. Exporting company deducts the commission
  5. Commission income of IC-DISC is not taxed
  6. IC-DISC can pay a dividend in current or future tax year


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"...strong technical expertise, yet they are innovative and always bringing us new insights."

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"...good communicators and they built a strong rapport, early on."

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