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International Tax

Navigating the global landscape requires expert guidance

The ever-changing complexities of international tax laws, cross-border transactions, and investment require guidance from international tax professionals you can trust.  At WTP Advisors, we provide strategic international tax consulting, IC-DISC consulting, and transfer pricing consulting services through an integrated and collaborative approach. 

Our team brings a maturity of judgment to the table so that complex cross-border transactions and investments become more manageable. Highly experienced professionals work closely with our clients to provide personalized, reliable, and responsive service that meets objectives and exceeds expectations.  Whether you’re privately held or publicly-traded, a U.S. multi-national or foreign-owned, our international tax team has you covered. 

U.S. tax structure dictates approach

Each of our clients requires a custom approach to their International tax management.  Whether a privately held corporation, a publicly traded corporation, or a pass-through entity, our team applies years of experience and extensive knowledge of international tax disclosures and compliance, computation of foreign earnings and profits for purposes of GILTI, Subpart F and dividend planning, tax treaty analysis, foreign tax credit utilization, and inbound U.S. investment to minimize global taxation of cross border operations.  WTP Advisors assists its clients in planning their international business structures and guides them through the myriad of complex global tax rules. 

We provide services related to:

  • Planning efficient global tax structures
  • Establishing holding company structures
  • Subpart F and GILTI planning
  • Tax Treaty Analysis
  • Planning and due diligence for cross-border sales, mergers, and acquisitions

Our international tax services include:


  • Form 5471 including, earnings and profits, and tax pool computations
  • Form 8858 for foreign disregarded entities
  • Form 8865 for foreign partnerships
  • Form 926
  • Form 1116 and 1118
  • W-8BEN- E for FATCA and treaty benefits iForm 8992
  • Form 8883
  • Section 367 reporting
  • Section 987 branch remittance gain or loss computations


  • Foreign Tax Credit Utilization
  • Subpart F inclusions
  • Tested income and GILTI inclusions
  • Pass-thru taxation income inclusions


  • Structuring of inbound investments
  • U.S. Reporting of Inbound Transactions
  • Withholding Tax Due Diligence on Cross-Border Payments


  • Expense Apportionment (861-8)
  • Foreign source income maximization
  • OFL and ODL studies

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