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International Tax Structures

WTP Advisors assists its clients in planning their international business structures and guides them through the myriad of complex global tax rules.

Privately held companies 

Privately-held businesses face unique and complex international tax challenges when operating globally.  Our team is committed to proactive planning and responding to the ever-changing international tax landscape.  We will work directly with you or your accounting firm to minimize your global tax burden and avoid double taxation and penalties.

Pass-thru companies

Sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLC’s and S Corps and their stakeholders are challenged by unique international tax rules that can often amount to either large tax savings, or if not handled properly, a large and unexpected tax bill from the IRS.  WTP Advisors understand these unique challenges and help pass-thru entities avoid unexpected international tax traps and take advantage of opportunities that are unique to a pass-thru situation.  Our team helps clients determine which structure and income distribution method are right for their business.  

Public companies

Globalized intercompany transactions, global company structuring, repatriation, GILTI, Subpart Fand funding present tax executives with ever-changing challenges. Chief Financial Officers expect their tax function to align tax planning and reporting with the company’s operating profile to maximize shareholder value. WTP Advisors brings strategic tax and planning experts to the table to address these needs.  

Foreign corporations 

US international tax rules affect foreign companies doing business in the U.S. WTP Advisors assists foreign clients with their U.S. income tax exposure.  We focus on: 

  • Inbound structuring 
  • US Permanent Establishment (PE) risk
  • Branch profits tax 
  • Withholding taxes 
  • Tax treaty application and analysis
  • Transfer Pricing 

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