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WTP Advisors is recruiting talented transfer pricing and valuation professionals to run practices in key markets across the U.S. and Canada. This is an exciting opportunity for qualified candidates to build a business with support, integrate with our global service delivery team, obtain access to our referral relationships and supplement income by cross selling tax and advisory services to clients.


Ideal Candidate Profile

An ideal candidate will possess eight to fifteen plus years’ experience and hold advanced degrees in economics, accounting or business and relevant credentials in valuation.

In addition, an ideal candidate will be:

  • A self-starter with an entrepreneurial mind-set
  • Proficient technically and have strong client relationship development skills
  • Passionate about providing high quality, personalized services to clients
  • Skilled at business management and negotiation
  • A good team player looking to invest in and develop valuable long-term relationships with clients, colleagues and alliance partners

The benefits of joining our team include:

  • Ability to seamlessly collaborate with WTP tax professionals to design and implement tax planning (including WTP international tax specialists in the U.S.)
  • Access to the Quantera Global Alliance of transfer pricing firms
  • Introductions to our CPA international relationships and other alliance partners
  • Access to comparables databases and other research data
  • Access to templates and marketing materials (e.g., brochures, blog, web site exposure, etc.)
  • Active guidance and support from colleagues
  • Ability to significantly supplement income through cross selling tax and advisory services



Under our entrepreneurial model, we share revenues and costs. Our approach is designed to expand opportunities in a way that benefits all parties. WTP professionals receive a percentage of revenue they generate. The revenue shares are based on circumstances such as whether the business opportunity is self-initiated or sourced from WTP / WTP’s referral relationships.


Contact Guy Sanschagrin at +1 (866) 298-7829 Ext. 702 or to find out more.


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