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Why Invest in Technology?

WTP Advisors’ technology platforms offer tax executives real-time visibility of complex tax strategies, providing timely and accurate reporting while helping to manage day-to-day workflows. 


Centralize and organize data
  • Instant access to data
  • Streamline/automate processes


Facilitate global collaboration
  • Mange the global network
  • Coordinate workflow


Improve quality, consistency and efficiency
  • Enhance consistency
  • Increase delivery speed 
  • Avoid repetition 
  • Reduce costs 
  • Ensure compliance 


Achieve reporting requirements at multiple levels 
  • Management reports 
  • Tax reporting 
  • Cash flow
  • Reporting schema


Use and analyze data to make better decisions 
  • Perform scenario analysis 
  • Manage cash 
  • Manage effective tax rate

WPT Advisors’ technology helps you effectively and efficiently manage international tax, transfer pricing and IC-DISC. To learn more about our platforms and to request a demo, contact us at

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