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We are a leading independent tax and business advisory services firm specializing in international tax consulting, transfer pricing, valuation and tax process innovation.

We operate throughout North America and cover over fifty countries through strategic alliances with firms across the globe.

Accomplished Professionals

Our team of highly-experienced professionals consists of former Big 4 tax specialists, economists, attorneys, CPAs and MBAs, each with decades of experience delivering tax, transfer pricing, valuation and tax innovation services.

Our senior professionals are directly engaged in the work we deliver to our clients - unlike many large firms that employ a “leverage model” relying on less experienced personnel to do most of the work.

Delivering Value to Our Clients

Our clients include private and public companies ranging from emerging businesses to Fortune 50 companies. They include U.S. and non-U.S. based multinationals operating in a wide array of industries, including industrial manufacturing and distribution, aerospace, food processing and distribution, agriculture, medical products manufacturing and distribution and financial services.

Our clients seek responsive, collaborative professionals who deliver services efficiently and cost effectively. We willingly share our knowledge and insights to help our clients understand the technical issues and enhance their ability to make informed, strategic decisions with confidence.

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               Jim Fyhrie, CPA
               Brian Schwam, JD
               Mitch Schwartz, JD, CPA
               Anne French, CPA
               Todd Hedgpeth, JD, LL.M.
               Thomas C. Lamey, CPA
               Guy Sanschagrin, CPA/ABV, MBA
               Kash Mansori, Ph.D.
               Martin Skretkowicz, CPA, CMA
               Michael Bredahl, CPA (inactive), MBA
               Jessica Rask, CVA
               Scott Smaistrla, CPA, CMA
          International Tax
               What is Transfer Pricing?
               Transfer Pricing Case Studies
                    Case Study 1: Transfer Pricing Restructuring (India/Europe)
                    Case Study 2: Transfer Pricing Audit Defense (Canada)
                    Case Study 3: Transfer Pricing for Distribution and Marketing Intangibles (US)
                    Case Study 4: Services and Distribution (US)
                    Case Study 5: Manufacturing Services (Europe)
                    Case Study 6: Audit Defense (US)
                    Case Study 7: Audit Defense and Litigation (France)
                    Case Study 8: Technical Services (Global)
                    Case Study 9: Transfer of Distribution Business (US/UK)
                    Case Study 10: Distribution Services (China/US)
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               The CARES Act and the IC-DISC
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               Tax Alert: The CARES Act and the IC DISC
               Guy Sanschagrin Provides Comments on Transfer Pricing Under the TCJA
               Tax Alert: International Tax Provisions in H.R. 1
               IC-DISC and Tax Reform Action Plan
               Jeff Kaufman and Scott Smaistrla join WTP Advisors' Transfer Pricing and Valuation practice
               Quantera Global forms new strategic partnerships
               Quantera Global Asia Holding Acquired by Duff & Phelps
               Amazon wins $1.5 billion transfer pricing case against the IRS
               Major developments for taxpayers in Indonesia
                    Tax Alert: Senate Finance Committee Version of Tax Bill Repeals IC-DISC Provisions Effective for 2019 Tax Years
          Transfer Pricing Blog
               Now is Not the Time to Ignore Transfer Pricing
               What We Are Doing to Help Corporate Tax Executives Handle Transfer Pricing Remotely
               What to Expect When You’re Expecting… A Transfer Pricing Examination?
               New Tax Legislation Consequences on US Transfer Pricing and Intangibles
               BEPS Action 13 Update
               Master File / Local File Transfer Pricing Documentation FAQs
               Apple, the EU, and Country by Country Reporting
                    Country by Country Reporting Update
                    What to Expect When You're Expecting... An Audit
                    The Economist Falls for Formulary Apportionment
                    Dutch State Aid: Starbucks update
                    What the Focus on "Value Creation" Misses
                    BEPS - What It All Means
                    The Quantera Global Connection
                    BEPS in Verse
                    It's All About the Data
                    Australia First!
                    Value Creation and the Lightbulb
                    Small Countries Taking Big Bites
                    Transfer Pricing and the Regulatory Climate in India
                    The EU Commission's Problematic Reasoning on Amazon
                    There Must Be a Better Way. Right?
                    The Most Aggressive Tax Authorities in the World?
                    Attacking the Cash Box
                    Simplifying the Rules. A Bit.
                    German Wishes for Irish Taxes
                    What Is This 'BEPS' Thing, and Should I Care?
                    Fighting Over Tax Revenue in Europe
                    A New Arena for Transfer Pricing Disputes
               Review of and Insights on the IRS Transfer Pricing Examination Process
               Transfer Pricing: Its Increasing Importance to Tax Authorities and to Businesses
               Assessing Value Creation for Transfer Pricing
               Transfer Pricing in the Context of International M&A
               Transfer Pricing and M&A
               Transfer Pricing: A Critical Tax Management Tool for German Multinationals with U.S. Affiliates
               Intercompany Services and Intangibles
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               Tax Alert: Exchange of tax rulings, a Dutch practice update
               Tax Alert: IRS Targeting Small and Mid-sized Companies for Transfer Pricing Audits
               Tax Alert: Australias proposed Diverted Profits Tax outlined
               Tax Alert: IRS Proposes Country-by-Country Reporting Rules for 2017
               Tax Alert: Chevron Australia Holdings Pty Ltd v. Commissioner of Taxation decision released
               Tax Alert: OECD/G20 releases final BEPS report
               Tax Alert: More Dutch Transfer Pricing requirements proposed
               Tax Alert: IRS Rules on Outbound Transfers of Intangibles Removal of Foreign Goodwill and Going Concern Exceptions
               State of Californias Franchise Tax Board provides guidance on IC DISC
               Questions Remain on BEPS, U.S. Model Treaty Changes
               Australias new tax integrity measures announced
               OECD Cost Contribution Arrangements Draft Emphasizes Value
               Philippines tax authority looks at transfer pricing as one of the priority programs for 2015
               Kash Mansori, Ph.D., Joins WTP Advisors' Transfer Pricing Practice
               OECD Issues Profit-Split Method and Commodity Transactions Drafts
               EU Investigation Adds New Dimension for APAs
               WTP Reacts to OECD's Revised Guidance on Transfer Pricing
               Economist Nancy Voth, Ph.D., CFA, Joins WTP Advisors' Transfer Pricing Practice
               International Tax Expert Joins WTP Advisors Chicago
               WTP Advisors Brings on New Transfer Pricing Talent
               Transfer Pricing Article Warns Companies: Don't Overlook Intangible Property
               Guy Sanschagrin joins WTP Advisors Transfer Pricing Practice
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What Others Say

"...strong technical expertise, yet they are innovative and always bringing us new insights."

"...great team players, good friends and we trust them...that's big for us."

"...very genuine, very focused and look beyond the politics and conflicts...that's a rare thing these days."

"...good communicators and they built a strong rapport, early on."

"It's rare to find a team that always looks at the bigger picture, what's best for the client and the relationship...and WTP is truly of that mindset."