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The Quantera Global Connection

By Kash Mansori
Posted: September 22, 2015

Earlier this month I had the good fortune to join other members of WTP’s transfer pricing team in Basel, Switzerland, where we participated in the annual meeting of the Quantera Global transfer pricing alliance. WTP is one of two US-based members of the Quantera Global Alliance (the other being Base Firma, which has exceptional transfer pricing expertise covering Latin America), and over the past year we at WTP have had the pleasure of working with many of our alliance colleagues around the world. 

The two-day meeting was an opportunity for us to discuss technical and regulatory developments, share ideas about our joint go-to-market strategy, and further strengthen relationships with alliance partners. As I sat down at the table during our plenary session I found myself looking around at dozens of talented and accomplished transfer pricing specialists representing nearly 20 countries, with literally centuries of collective transfer pricing experience from working on thousands of engagements. Such a collection of transfer pricing expertise does not often gather in one room, and I was struck by the remarkable fact that this impressive group works together as a team on a daily basis to provide client service and transfer pricing thought leadership across the globe.

I was particularly gratified to recognize that we all share the same basic philosophy about client service. While nearly all of us are alumni of the Big 4 and leading global law firms, we share a belief that the typical big firm service delivery model is not well-suited to providing the customized transfer pricing services many clients need. So instead of having the bulk of service provided by low-level staff with only minimal partner engagement (as is typical in large firms), all of us within the Quantera Global Alliance believe that transfer pricing services should primarily be provided by senior level transfer pricing specialists, with lower-level staff providing support only when needed.

The Quantera Global Alliance has created a premier, integrated, multinational service delivery team that delivers proactive, high quality transfer pricing services to clients around the world – and we at WTP Advisors are pleased to be a part of it. Our clients get the benefit of seamless transfer pricing services provided by local specialists wherever they do business, and we get the benefit of being able to work with an impressive group of like-minded colleagues from around the world. It’s an arrangement that works out well for everyone.

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