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Transfer Pricing

Proactive planning vs. reactive compliance

At WTP Advisors, we apply a global approach to transfer pricing that utilizes our strengths in international tax, data management, and technology that supports planning instead of merely achieving compliance. Our multi-disciplinary team works with clients to identify and implement sustainable approaches that align with their value chains and are supported by robust documentation at the global and local levels.


We bring a depth of experience that instills confidence

You'll never deal with entry-level staff, only seasoned professionals with broad industry and transfer pricing experience. Our team incorporates transfer pricing into financial, management, and statutory reporting, quickly and efficiently. Our results-orientated practice puts your needs first so you can achieve your goals efficiently and effectively,

Transfer pricing remains the single most important tax issue confronting multinational enterprises

Despite an international consensus on the arm's length principle (Article 9, OCED Model Tax Convention*), differences in transfer pricing approaches can vary significantly between countries and result in disagreements between tax authorities and taxpayers. WTP Advisors assists clients in developing transfer pricing strategies and documentation that will identify potential risks and opportunities to mitigate the potential for double taxation associated with transfer pricing adjustments and non-deductible penalties and interest.

The arm's length principle is the standard to which most countries adhere in judging the correctness of the pricing of transactions between commonly controlled parties. Article 9 of the OECD Model Tax Convention

We provide the following transfer pricing services:

Management & Implementation:

  • Data management & control
  • Process improvement
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Valuation
  • Due diligence review
  • Technical training and coaching

Controversy Support

  • Audit readiness strategy
  • Tax authority Information Documentation Request (IDR) response support
  • Dispute resolution
  • Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs)
  • Competent Authority support

Planning & Design

  • Global policy
  • Risk and opportunity analysis
  • Modeling and scenario analysis
  • Services cost allocation
  • Intangibles planning
  • Joint venture support
  • Post-merger integration

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